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Asbestos Removal Gold Coast, founded in 1998, is a professional contractor that specialises in Asbestos Consultancy, Surveying and Removal on a national scale for the commercial and domestic sectors.

Gold Coast Asbestos Removal technicians believe that there are over 3,000 different asbestos based products that were used as building and construction materials all over the word from the 1950s through to the mid 1980s, with a total ban in 1999. 

Although much of it has been disposed of over the years, there is still an estimated half a million non-domestic premises in Australia alone that still have asbestos in some form in them.

Asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) don’t always need to be removed because if they are in  good condition and won’t get damaged, it might be safer to keep it in place. But for your piece of mind, removing them totally might lessen the stress. 

Asbestos Removal Gold Coast has a proven track record for exceptional and efficient service to all our customers – be it a residential home or  commercial establishment. 

If you simply need advice or have some questions about a site potentially filled with asbestos, we will work to the same high standards, and will follow all regulations to remove the hazardous material safely.

All our staff possess the required licenses, training and certification so that we comply with all asbestos registry and management plan rules. 

With over 20 years of total experience in the asbestos industry, we offer a full consultancy service with advice from our incredibly experienced staff in all aspects of asbestos-related problems. 

Whether it’s a question of the best way to identify if Asbestos is present, or how to manage or remove any asbestos already identified, we aim to give the most professional and impartial advice to assist our clients in making their decisions. 

Establishing the presence of asbestos can only be determined through sampling. Upon consultation with each client, we identify the result required and find the cheapest yet high-quality solution.

We also offer training talks and awareness seminars to assist staff and property owners about asbestos awareness.

They can be full blow, formal seminars with certification tests at the end of the course, to informal tool box discussions or “tradie talks” to your maintenance staff. We can tailor fit these learning opportunities to your specific requirement.
We will hold them at your or client’s premises so the training is relevant since it is already where they are and can relate to it immediately.

We have found that all asbestos related info is generally more memorable and actually sticks by facilitating training with practical exercises throughout our clients’ premises as it caters more specifically to individual needs.

We believe that providing info about Asbestos and the way it needs to be managed lessens stress and removes all confusion.

Being left in the dark can leave too much opportunity for hearsay and scare mongering. If this is something that you feel would be of benefit, please contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have.

Asbestos Testing is a requirement if you find potential ACMs or Asbestos Containing Materials on your property and it needs immediate identification.

We will visit the site, grab sterile samples of the suspected asbestos material and suggest and recommend the best way to contain the area, making a hazardous material cordon, until the result is known.

We then send the samples to an independent and accredited laboratory to confirm the presence of Asbestos.

Photographs and video will be used, we will take a lot of them to verify the location and condition of all samples taken.

If there is a really strong suspicion that the sample has asbestos, we can also get more information if our clients require it, especially for insurance purposes.

The analysis by the laboratory will include a data sheet for our client regarding the type of asbestos present, be it Amosite etc.

It also confirms the type of product it is found in, was it the insulation board? Or mixed in the cement or wall cladding? As well as show if the traces of asbestos within the material was high, medium, or low.

So contact us today for all your asbestos related inquiries.

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