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We can help you get a single sample to a full-blown asbestos survey of your Gold Coast property, depending on what you need. 

A Consultation can also be arranged concerning the potential management of any asbestos found during sampling and surveying the property. 

We would not always recommend removal of ACM’s (Asbestos Containing Materials) that are in good condition, but would strongly recommend removal if they are obviously breaking down and causing a hazard. 

Asbestos Removal Gold Coast Management would usually go back and return to your site, on an annual basis to confirm the ongoing condition of the ACM’s as shown in the Asbestos Register. 

The risk assessment would be updated and if there is a change we re-evaluate with our client to confirm what their options are. 

If removal is required, we discuss with our clients when this should be carried out, as this takes 14 days. 

We can also carry out on-site project management for Asbestos removal if a licensed Queensland contractor is not required or if management is required for a subcontractor already on-site.

What to Do if there is Asbestos at home?

If your home was built in the 1980s or even earlier, expect that there will be asbestos in your home in some shape or form.

You will read on many websites that asbestos was a common construction and manufacturing material in the 1980s. The asbestos was neither what is described as friable nor airborne.

Roofing materials such as tar had large amounts of asbestos, but the asbestos fibers buried in the roofing mastic could not become airborne and thus did not pose a hazard.

Asbestos is also found in ducting around your home.

This tradition of imbedding asbestos has been suspended and Asbestos is now banned and can no longer be used in construction materials.

If you do have asbestos in your home, don’t go to your local hardware store and purchase some ducting and replace this yourself unless you have been properly trained in sizing the air ducts and attaching the air ducts.

This goes for your roof as well.

Attaching air ducting with duct tape sure seems correct, but it is not.
The savings in labor that you’ll receive doing it yourself will soon be offset by the increase in utility overpayments month after month.

Your roof might get damaged as well.
But even worse, is that you might unwittingly damage hidden asbestos, crumbling it up so its little particles will become airborne.

This is dangerous because when inhaled, damage to your lungs will start.

The best thing to do when you do have asbestos at home is to call us, Asbestos Removal Gold Coast.
We are an accredited and reliable asbestos removal firm and we will take care of your home and family so you stay safe and healthy.

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