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Asbestos Testing Gold Coast

Asbestos is commonly found in old properties. If you live in an old building and you don’t know whether your place is contaminated or not, you should have it tested fast. Asbestos-containing material (ACM) is a hazardous product, which can expose your health to the danger of its fibres.

A person who has been exposed to these fibres through inhalation will suffer an asbestos-related disease (ARD) like mesothelioma and lung cancer.

asbestos testing Gold Coast

An ACM is visually similar with other asbestos-free products. It can be in the form of a fence, cement sheeting, or even a splashback for the kitchen. The differences between the two products can be hardly seen by untrained eyes. Thus, an asbestos testing Gold Coast service can be your way out to understand the ACM contamination, which occurs in your premise. By raising your awareness to the exposure risk, you’ll be able to take preventive actions that can protect other people and the environment from ACM hazard.

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Have You Tested Your House for Asbestos?

There are several points that are considered important related to ACM presence in a property. If you care about your safety and also the other occupants, you need to pay attention to the information below:

1. Asbestos is mostly found in old buildings

Since its trend in the 1930s, ACMs were used in many parts of old buildings. Nowadays, one of three properties across Australia is estimated to contain this fibrous product.

As a general rule, if a building is:

  • Constructed before the mid-1980s, there’s a high chance that the property contains ACMs.
  • Built between the mid-1980s and the 1990s, ACMs may be used in its structures.
  • Constructed after the 1990s, it’s not likely to use ACMs in any part of the building.

By following the rules above, you can determine whether your property is contaminated or not. However, you must hire an expert for further measures necessary to eliminate the ACMs.

The reason for hiring a professional is simple. Until now, 3,000 products have been identified for being contaminated by this fibrous material. Due to this condition, it’s hard for common people to identify fibrous materials by themselves.

2. Don’t use DIY asbestos testing kits

A self-testing kit is not sufficient to protect yourself from exposure risk, especially if you are dealing with friable ACMs that can be crumble easily. A single fibre from this deadly product can be 200 times smaller than apiece of hair. Therefore, wearing standard protective equipment from DIY kit package would not guarantee your safety against the fibre exposure.

3. Know more about your house by taking an ACM inspection service

Hiring a professional in handling the identification process would be a wise decision. An assessor will have what it needs to perform it securely and efficiently.

In certain cases, the ACM can be hidden behind a new layer of the structure. A person who has acquired the right training and certification would find it easy to locate these hidden hazards.

ACM rules of engagement

If you find an ACM in your resident, you don’t have to be panic. You can follow the guidelines presented below, to ensure your safety and also the other occupants.

  • Leave them in place

An undisturbed ACM is in its most secured condition and possesses the smallest risk. So, if you find one in your building, you just have to leave it in place and keep others from interacting with it.

  • Assume it as ACM

Since an ACM has a tremendous resemblance to a non-asbestos product, you may have some difficulties in identifying it. Thus, it would be better to assume a suspected material as an ACM.

  • Take extra precautions

You must take extra precautions to avoid further contamination. You can turn off all air conditioner and close ventilation holes in the room where the ACM is present. You can also limit the access to the contaminated room, so other family members can’t disturb the fibrous material by accident.

  • Seek help from a licensed removalist

By knowing the possible risk of having contaminated materials in your building, it’s HIGHLY recommended to seek professional help. Just communicate your issues in detail, and they will be handling the rest of the problem for you.

About Asbestos Testing Gold Coast Procedures

The only way to identify its presence in a building material is by testing the suspected product in a NATA accredited lab. The whole process, from the beginning of sampling phase until you get a complete identification report, will be performed as follow:

1. Initial inspection

A licensed assessor will visit your place to identify the whole building for any contamination from the fibrous products. He will observe all documents regarding the building history and perform a through checkup on the structures. All findings will be recorded in a registered document for further measures.

2. Sampling and testing

If the assessor is in doubt about the identification process, he will conduct an asbestos testing Gold Coast procedure. He will take some samples of the suspected material and put them in locked bags. The bags will be labeled along with the sample’s type and location. All samples will be delivered to a lab, which has acquired a NATA certification for asbestos analysis.

3. Lab test

The lab will perform a thorough analysis by using Polarized Light Microscopy. This method allows the analyst to evaluate the exact composition of all samples. This analysis will provide comprehensive information such as the contaminant type and level of contamination that may occur in the location where the samples are taken.

4. Report

All identification process will be included in the final report. The building assessment result, along with the lab report, is crucial to determine the next actions needed for a remediation project.

If a building is proven to be contaminated by this cancerous material, these services may come in handy to achieve a safe and clean environment.

  • Asbestos removal – a complete removal and waste disposal service.
  • Asbestos management plan – provide help in creating a suitable control plan for a contaminated property.
  • Asbestos roof removal – safe and clean asbestos roofing removal.
  • Emergency repair – fast help for accidental ACM damage.
  • Consultancy – Consult your problem with the pro.
  • Air monitoring – check the air for any fibre contamination.
  • Soil remediation – remediation service for soil contamination
  • Demolition – provide help to demolish a contaminated building.

Depending on the project requirement, you have to take more than one service to get a complete remediation result. However, it’s crucial to choose the right service provider. Or else, you can end up with a ripped pocket and a high possibility of being exposed to the deadly fibres. Therefore, trust your project to one of the removalists who know what he’s doing with his jobs.

Clear Asbestos Removal Gold Coast

We are an authority company, which endorsed the finest B-class removalists in the area. We have chosen our members selectively to ensure a satisfying result for all of our clients. You can rest assured that you will have your problem solved efficiently by following the safe work guidelines and the government regulations.

Either you have a contaminated home, commercial building, or industrial property, they will carry out the job at a reasonable cost. Our members offer straightforward process, without any hidden prices that can rip off your remediation budget.

So, take your time to check our endorsed removalists’ pages and see their offers. Choose the one that suits your needs and budgeting expenses. Don’t forget to communicate your problem with them in detail. Your information detail is important for them to provide you with a customised quote that fit your requirements.

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