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Asbestos Roof Removal Gold Coast

Before the 1990s, many houses and commercial buildings in Australia used asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in their roof structure. The most common product used at that time was super six, one of many products manufactured by James Hardie.

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This type of roofing was commonly used due to its durability and low-cost installation benefits. However, the ACM would show a sign of degradation from the weathering process over the time. When the roof starts to disintegrate, it will release deadly fibres that will harm the surrounding environment.

Since most ACM roofing products have a high quantity of fibrous mineral, when the sheeting products start releasing fibres, they pose a high risk of exposure to the people living nearby.

If you have an old building, which uses an ACM roof, you might think about the cost for taking an asbestos roof removal Gold Coast service. However, there are more important things that should be concerned than wondering about the roof removal and replacement prices.

They are:

  • A friable roof material has a higher chance to spread the fibres since it can be easily crushed into dust. This condition is the result of a deterioration process.
  • A house with ACM contamination would be difficult to get a high selling price.
  • There’s a higher chance for the building to be declined for an insurance proposal.
  • A roof replacement would be the wisest choice since other solutions such as encapsulation and over cladding are considered as a temporary solution.

Know Your Danger From Asbestos Roofing

The importance of a contaminated roof removal is essential to protect your health, as well as your family. The best time to remove it is when the contaminated product is still intact. Thus, a remediation process needs to be carried out to manage exposure risks.

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The danger of asbestos roof

You will still have a higher risk of exposure as long as the contaminated roofing material exists on your property. Even though it is in good condition, the ACM roof will slowly lose its bonding capability. The result is the releasing fibres from the material that can contaminate the environment. A friable ACM roof has the highest risk to create fibrous dust, which can go airborne when the wind blow. It’s considered to be dangerous because this friable product can be easily crushed just by hand.

When entering the body, the ACM fibres will puncture the internal linings of the organ and stay there for years. The fibres will create scarring, and it will develop over time without showing any illness symptoms. The scarring process can be more than 20 years before showing the first sign of disease.

The most common diseases known from an ACM fibre exposure are lung cancer, pleural thickening, and mesothelioma, the rarest type of asbestos-related disease. People who are suffering from one of these diseases have a life expectancy lower than one year.

Therefore, if you feel that your house was constructed before the 1990s, you should be careful with any potential ACM contamination in your place. The best thing to do is by considering all suspected materials as a friable ACM and immediately seek for expert’s help.

Know your property better

Most people in Australia may not know what kind of threat that can endanger their health. This can be one of many reasons that a lot of them are exposed to the deadly fibres in their own premises.

Most of the time, the exposure incidents occur in two ways.

  • Natural degradation process

As we may know, any part of a building can suffer from a degradation process. The process time can be much faster for some products that are placed outside such as roofing and fencing products. The main reason of this speed up degradation is the weathering process, which can slowly decrease the bonding quality between the material and the fibres. Damaged products will also generate fibres into the air.

  • DIY renovation

Though the public awareness of this fibrous material danger has increased rapidly, the numbers of people who are exposed to this fibrous material keep increasing every year. The victims commonly come from DIY-ers who try to perform a renovation or remodeling the structures.

These DIY-ers may accidentally disturb the ACMs and expose themselves to the toxic fibres. The exposure can happen from scrapping, cutting, breaking, or hammering a building part, which contains this deadly fibre. They will not notice how much fibres have entered their body.

Due to the fact, it would be wise to leave all jobs related to ACM to the right hand. Someone who has gone through particular training and obtained proper certification is the only one who is capable of handling this ACM problem.

A licensed removalist manages to identify ACM easily. If you are in doubt whether your property is contaminated or not, you can hire this expert to do an inspection at your location.

The assessor will perform a thorough identification process to locate all ACM in the building, especially the hidden ones. If he’s unsure about one particular product, he’ll take some samples, put them in labeled bags, and send them to a NATA approved lab for further analysis check.

The inspection report will come in handy to create a register, which records all identified ACMs. By obtaining this report, the remediation work will be carried out in a safe, clean, and more efficient way.

Other services in the market

Besides a roof removal service, you may need to get other services that can deliver a complete result in your asbestos roof removal Gold Coast project.

WARNING: Don’t get yourself trapped by removalist cowboys. They will give you more trouble than solution. Moreover, they could put you in danger of exposure by carrying out a removal method, which doesn’t follow the right procedures and regulations. So, if you find this kind of contractor, just put it at your disposal.

Get your problem done with us

Clear asbestos removal Gold Coast helps you get connected with pros for asbestos roof removal Gold Coast services. We have gathered all professionals in the area that can help you with your asbestos roof removal Gold Coast problems or other issues related to this fibrous product.

Our endorsed removalists are chosen in an orderly manner to ensure their service delivery is at the highest standard of service. We believe that they are capable of providing a high-quality result and the reasons are:

  • They have a full B-class license
  • They have the right tools, kits, and equipment to perform the job securely
  • They are well-insured

You can rest assured that your asbestos roof removal Gold Coast problem is handled by the right hand. Either it’s a remediation service, creating a control plan, testing, or an asbestos roof removal Gold Coast, they will carry out the job perfectly. You can even ask for a ROOF REPLACEMENT.

So, if you have an asbestos problem in your home, commercial properties, or your industrial building, don’t hesitate to contact one or more of our endorsed members. They will be at your service.

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