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Asbestos is a natural mineral, which may risk your health to mesothelioma and lung cancers. Asbestos-containing material is one common issue in Australia, which has taken many victims since it was first used in the 1930s. The hazard lies in its durable fibres that can hold a high temperature, as well as a low-cost installation expense.

It’s highly recommended that you leave all jobs related to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) to the expert.

You might want to consider that your property is contaminated by hazardous fibres, if it was constructed before the 1990s. This cancerous material has been identified in more than 3,000 products and has intoxicated 1/3 house across Australia.

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As a general rule, an undisturbed material has the smallest risk of exposure. However, as time goes by, this material will experience a degradation process, which will slowly release its fibres into the air. The process will be faster for an outdoor ACM because the weathering process will decrease the bonding strength between the fibres and the material itself.

How do I know if I have ACMs in my premises? You should keep reading to find it out.

Common places of ACMs in a building

You might find an ACM in commercial products such as in the roofing, vinyl tiles, fibro sheeting, fence, wall cladding, kitchen splash back products. Some of these products may still have label, which mentions whether the product has fibres or not. But most of them won’t have any label.

Reference: www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au

If you get caught up in a situation where you can’t identify any contamination in your house, it would be better to hire a removalist who has proper training and certification to help you. A licensed assessor will likely to find all contaminated products in your property. The training he has had will allow him to perform the job easily.

Safe and Clean Remediation

The remediation procedure will likely be carried out in several stages. Every step MUST be performed in the right way by following safe work protocols and government regulations.

In summary, the removal project will be performed as follows:

1. Initial inspection

The first step to do is locating all contaminated materials and records them in a report paper. This data and information are crucial in creating an asbestos register report and a proper control plan to maintain a safe environment.

Sometimes, the assessor will find suspected or doubtful products. In such condition, the assessor will take some samples, put them in locked bags and send them to a lab accredited by NATA to do further analysis.

2. Removal

The asbestos removal process will be based on the material condition. A friable product, or the one that can be easily crumbled, must be removed by a contractor who owns an A-class license. While bonded product can be managed by a B-class license holder.

The work will include an asbestos removal, disposal, and decontamination of your location to ensure that the project will leave no trace of contamination. If every phase is conducted accordingly, you are one step away from finishing the whole remediation process.

3. Clearance check

This step is mainly to check the property whether it’s ready to be reoccupied or not. This clearance inspection result will results in a certificate as a written prove that the area is free of fibre contamination.

In order to achieve a satisfying result, the asbestos removal Gold Coast work may require some services that will be adjusted to your current needs.

These services are:

If you don’t know which service that you should be taking, you can discuss your problem with a consultant. You will get recommendation and advice about the answer to your problems.

DIY vs. a professional removalist

When you find an ACM in your property, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to seek professional help. Though the regulations allow homeowners to remove a contaminated product that is less than 10 square meters in size, you may not have adequate knowledge and safety kits to conduct the remediation work safely.

Though you have obtained some information about safe removal of this dangerous material, it’s likely sufficient only to increase your awareness to the danger of ACM exposure. Nevertheless, you have to understand the procedures, so you can also supervise the work conducted by your chosen removalist. Due to this reason, a DIY removal project is not recommended in any way.

Here are some points that you need to consider if you do a DIY remediation work:

1. Unlicensed work

You will need a license or a permit to work with hazardous materials like an ACM. An illegal removal work will risk you a penalty that can be as high as $6,000 for personal law breaking and up to $30,000 for a corporate body case.

2. Insufficient knowledge

ACMs can be located anywhere in a building, either its visible or well hidden behind other structures. A professional removalist will manage to locate these hidden ACMs without any problem. This ability can only be obtained from a long period of experience in the industry.

3. Improper equipment

A single ACM fibre is very small and cannot be detected visually. It can enter the body through breathing by accident. Thus, standard protective equipment may not be able to protect you from the exposure risk. A licensed removalist has all necessary equipment to protect both you and the workers while a remediation work is being carried out.

There are other reasons why it’s not recommended to do a remediation work yourself, but the main point is that you will be facing a higher risk if you do so. Nevertheless, you can seek professional help, which can be trusted as the best resource to solve your ACM problems.

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