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Asbestos Management Plan Gold Coast: Control Your Contamination Problems

Living in an old building may risk you to asbestos exposures. If you live in such buildings or you have the responsibility as a building manager, you have to consider in obtaining an asbestos management plan (AMP).

Nowadays, many people are having a low awareness of the danger of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that may reside in their premises. A survey conducted by Asbestos Safety and Environment Agency (ASEA) in 2016 shown that most homeowners and property managers are not aware of ACM dangers.

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Sadly, this phenomenon can raise the number of victims who suffer from an asbestos-related disease. Therefore, asbestos awareness is necessary to maintain a safe environment from any potential risk of ACM exposures.

Some of the following factors should underlie the importance of gaining more knowledge of ACM hazards and how to keep them away from your family and friends.

  1. Australia is still filled with ACM properties: One of three houses in Australia is suspected of containing this hazardous material. Commercial buildings and industrial properties may be contaminated as well. However, it is difficult to determine which part of a building structure that has been compromised by this deadly fibre.
  1. Homeowners and building managers’ responsibility to manage ACMs: When a property is using ACMs in its construction, there’ s a high chance that the fibres are released to the surrounding environment and contaminate a wide area. Thus, homeowners and building managers of old properties hold the responsibility to control the danger, as those building may become the initial source of contamination.
  1. Potential law breaking: The government has released several regulations concerning ACMs. Failing to provide a good control plan or conducting a DIY removal attempt can lead to a high penalty and imprisonment.

The importance of an AMP

A property that has been affected by ACM has a high risk to expose its occupants to the danger of fibres. People who are living and working around this contaminated product may accidentally disturb the material, which can release its fibres into the air and enter the body through inhalation process. The accumulation of fibres inside the body can lead to an irreversible health problem such as mesothelioma, pleural disorder, and lung cancers.

A person may be exposed to the fibres from any part of a building. Vinyl floors, fencing, cement sheets, or roofing materials, which were made before the 1990s, may have been contaminated by this deadly fibre.

The exposure risk is increasing over time, as this deadly product will experience a degradation process. When this cancerous product degrades, the bonding between the fibres and the material decreases. This process results in the release of fibres into the air and further can contaminates the environment. This incident mostly happens to a building material that is installed outdoor.

An AMP is intended to keep the environment safe while the ACM threat is still on-site. The plan will provide some information to the occupants about the potential dangers and how they should interact with it without causing further hazards to the surrounding.

An asbestos management plan Gold Coast consists of important information such as:

  • Record of identified ACMs. This register paper is needed to identify the contaminants in a building.
  • Updated information on any work related to ACM. The data is necessary to measure the risk level that may occur as a result of the fibrous product disturbance.
  • Detail information of ACM presence and its risk to the people in the property.
  • Applicable control plan
  • Review schedule of the plan. This review is performed to update the existing plan with the current condition of the building.
  • Acts of conducts for those who are carrying out their jobs directly around the contaminated structures.
  • Safety training for all occupants.
  • Renewal protocols of the AMP.
  • Safe remediation plan.

By including the information above in the asbestos management plan Gold Coast, it is expected that the area remains secure while the contaminated products are not cleaned yet.

Asbestos management plan Gold Coast procedures

To gain a comprehensive plan and best practices of safe control, the process of creating an AMP will be as follow:

1. Initial inspection

The first thing to do to create an AMP is by conducting an assessment in the contaminated building. An assessor will carry out a thorough investigation to find all ACMs that may present in the location.

A background check of the building history will be performed to find out any possibility of dangerous material use in its structure. The government administer that all contaminated properties should have a register report, which must be updated in every five years. Thus, it is important for homeowners and property managers to obtain this document, so the building would have a written prove of contamination levels that occur on-site.

2. Sampling and testing

An assessor will perform a sampling and testing process to a suspected material. He will take some samples and put them in bags, which are labeled with the sample source location. These samples will be delivered to a lab, which is accredited by NATA to conduct a fibre analysis.

3. Risk management

After all information has been gathered, which includes the ACM types (friable or non-friable), their location, quantities, and condition, it is time to tailor a control plan to manage the risk of exposure.

The AMP will also provide recommendation of further measures needed to clean your property from fibrous materials. Thus, other services will be involved to carry out the remediation project.

Services that can be useful for the projects are: Asbestos removal Gold Coast, testing, roof removal, emergency repair, demolition, soil remediation, air monitoring, consultant.

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