5 Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Sometimes what holds people from doing any renovation, apart from having limitation of ideas, is the budget. Even small bathroom renovation can be quite costly when it comes to buying all the materials for a complete remodeling project. However, not all remodeling project should be expensive. You can check this article. It provides you with some ideas for the bathroom remodel that will not require you to break the bank. Popular mechanics provides some tips that can help you with your bathroom remodel.



1. Organize Everything First

It would take several weeks for big items such as the special-order tile or the vanity top to arrive, so you need to be patient. Before you use your Sawzall or a hammer to your bathroom, be sure you check everything that you will need and also make sure that your house is free from any dangerous item such as asbestos. Besides preparing materials like plumbing fixtures, vanity, the tub, new lighting, and tile, you also need to have a document reported that your house is free from asbestos and any harmful material by performing asbestos testing or removal.

If you have everything confirmed, you can continue with the material preparation by because it may get you frustrated when you have to wait for items to arrive. The wait by far is a much better option rather than tearing your fixed appliances, and then you end up having an unusable bathroom until the materials finally arrive. In addition, when the new products are already available, you will know whether extra work such as running new cables for the lights or moving the plumbing lines that are required for the sink location before you tear everything up and repair the walls.


2. Evaluate All Possible Options

If you plan to buy vanity and tops, don’t count only on one big store, search for another store. You can try local suppliers specialising in natural store. They usually have a various selection of tops in different colours and sizes. You can ask for some custom-cut tops to be the right size for uncommon shapes and spaces to them as well. It will be quite a surprise to you when you know how affordable the tops are.

Another option is online shopping. You can check out several online shops for the materials you need. See the pictures and read the description and check whether they are the ones you are looking for. You never know that you may get a cheaper price for the same items you buy in some stores in your local areas.


3. Think about Shower Storage

You may need shower storage in your bathroom for your soap, shampoo, body wash or razor. Don’t go for that cheap plastic one. They are not attractive and can ruin the new design. Choose a ceramic tile shelving and install it in the shower corner. It is much better option.

For a much better solution, you can build in-the wall-shelving. To build the shelves, add framing in between the studs in the walls as soon as you demolish the old shower. It will look beautiful and will not stick out once the shelving is finished. There is no need to worry about knocking off shower liquid soap bottles when you are singing into the showerhead.


4. Tear Down the Underlayment

It can require much time and hard to be able to remove old flooring vinyl or tile, and you still can find some pieces stubbornly remained to the floor covering and refuse to fall off. Tear down the underlayment together with floor covering for much simpler and faster way. To make the removal easier, just cut the underlayment into small parts.

For a cheap and clean surface, you will have to install cement board or ¼-inch plywood. If you start from the beginning can help you to dispose of underlayment that might be water damaged, that is rather common in the toilet.


5. Use Accent Tiles

Glass or mosaic tile can be quite expensive. However, you won’t need that much for the bathroom. You may only need a dozen sheets, but it will give a huge impact. To give a design a punch of character and colour, use the special tiles as a border or put the tiles sporadically in the tile pattern. Either way, the two methods will work great for your bathroom floor.

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