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A Safe Guide for Your Kitchen Renovation

People tend to start their daily activity in the kitchen. This room becomes an important part of a house, which can be an alternative place for family gathering. Due to its important function, no wonder that people want to decorate their kitchen to make it more comfortable.

One way to achieve a better kitchen is by renovating it. However, there are several things to consider if you want to change its look, especially if it’s an old one. As in other old properties, an old kitchen may have a hazardous material in its structure.

Old properties built before 1985 are likely to contain asbestos-containing materials (ACM). ACM products were manufactured in various types for many purposes. Therefore, it’s possible that an ACM is used in many areas in a building, including the cooking area. So, you have to keep in mind that doing a kitchen renovation project may expose you to ACMs.

Clear Asbestos Removal Gold Coast

What you need to know about ACMs

Asbestos is a self-formed mineral, which was extensively used in the past due to its amazing features. Its affordability has made it popular in the construction industry. ACMs have been used in many construction materials, including in products used for fencing, roofing, ceiling, floor tiles, and heater insulation.

In the late 1970s, studies revealed that asbestos is carcinogenic. Asbestos fibres are sharp and tiny, and your immune system can’t get rid of them easily. A person who has been exposed to ACMs will experience the first sign of asbestos-related disease (ARD) 20 or 40 years after an initial exposure.

Though it has great beneficial features, ACMs can cause severe health disorders such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The number of victims, who are suffering from an ARD, is increasing every year though the Australian government has banned its use in new properties since 2003. It’s estimated that one in every three buildings across Australia is still contaminated by ACMs.

ACMs in your kitchen

Several ACMs can be found in the kitchen. If you find one, you MUST NOT DISTURB IT WHATSOEVER. A small disturbance to a contaminated product can release harmful fibres into the air and cause a wider contamination area.

ACMs are commonly installed in:

  • An under layer of vinyl flooring
  • Insulation of hot water system, usually fitted to the wall
  • Backing sheets of ceramic tiles
  • Cement sheeting for the ceiling

These contaminated products are usually installed in walls, splashbacks, and ceilings. If you find a doubtful material, you should immediately seek professional help to do an asbestos removal and testing work.

Safety measures for your contaminated kitchen

If you suspect your kitchen to have fibrous materials, you need to take preventive actions that can keep you and the rest of your family members from further exposure effects.

1. Seal the kitchen

You should limit the access to your kitchen, so you can prevent any action that can disturb the ACM. You should also check your building history to help you determine which area of the building that is also affected by the ACM. An ACM register document, if you have one, can be a great help to inform you about the ACM location, type, and condition your premises.

2. Check for any damage on the suspected material

You can observe each part of your kitchen for any ACM damage. For example, Tilux sheeting (which was made of dangerous fibres) were commonly used for splashback or wall panelling. If you ‘re unsure with some parts, you MUST always treat them as if they contain ACMs. You can also seek help from a professional for an accurate analysis of the suspected material.

3. Contact a licensed removalist

Seeking help from an expert is the best thing to do than trying to make a DIY attempt on the contaminated material. Asbestos removal and testing are specialised jobs, which require proper training and certification to ensure a safe handling of contaminated materials.


Victorian government –

City of Gold Coast –

What to do if you have ACMs in your kitchen

Since asking a licensed removalist’s help is the safest way to deal with contaminated structures, you may have to choose the right service for the problem you have with ACMs. Commonly, you can find 9 services in asbestos removal and testing industry.

  1. Asbestos removal Gold Coast
  2. Asbestos testing Gold Coast
  3. Asbestos management plan Gold Coast
  4. Asbestos roof removal Gold Coast
  5. Asbestos emergency repair
  6. Asbestos air monitoring
  7. Asbestos demolition
  8. Asbestos soil remediation
  9. Asbestos consultant

All of the services must be conducted by a licensed professional. The licensing is basically divided into two categories:

  • A-class license – The license allows its holder to perform jobs for any kind of ACM, including handling friable and non-friable materials.
  • B-class license – a contractor who holds this permit can only work with bonded ACMs.

However, licensing is not the only requirement to do an asbestos removal and testing in the most secure way. You can see the tips below to make sure that you are getting the right help.

  • What kind of permit does he have? (An assessor who conducts an initial inspection or handle the transportation of contaminated waste needs a permit as well)
  • Does the contractor have suitable equipment to do the work?
  • Does the company have a good working history?
  • Is he covered by insurance?

Since working with an ACM is not only about “packs and bags” thing, you should ask as many questions as you can to ensure his eligibility to work on your project. You can also ask the removalist to provide you with proofs of his license and permits because it’s your right as a client to do so. Therefore, you can be assured that the service prices offered by the service providers suit your expectation.

Your awareness to these details will keep you safe from a misconduct work or even a scam. Some people out there are trying to make some money from ACM issues. So, better be careful than having to regret your decision in hiring the wrong guy. If you find this kind of contractors, just put them at your disposal.

Clear Asbestos Removal Gold Coast

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